Our Staff

Joanne Klassen

Heartspace Founder and Director

Heartspace Writing founder and Director Joanne Klassen, is a business and personal development specialist with 30 years experience as a workshop leader, keynote speaker, and prolific writer.

Her published work, includes articles, interviews, books, poetry,1000 training manuals and a board game.  Her first book “Learning to Live, Learning to Love”, was translated into Greek and Russian and distributed worldwide. 

Tools of Transformation, Infinity Publishing 2004, is the textbook used in all  Transformative Life Writing™ classes.  Joanne has taught on the continuing education faculties of a dozen colleges and universities.

 Her passion is igniting the healing power of personal stories to re-connect with our best selves and to make meaningful contributions to life.

Jessica Audy

Online Community and Contributor Coordinator

Online Community and Contributor Coordinator Jessica Audy originally hails from the not for profit sector where she was part of a team working to help homeless women find and maintain housing and gain the stability that most of us take for granted. Her passion is to help people connect with one another despite the barriers of circumstance that make up our everyday lives.